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Creating holes in material is an essential process in construction, manufacturing, and many DIY projects in the home or workshop. With our vast drill bit selection, you’ll be able to make holes of any diameter and depth in metal, wood, plastic, tile, concrete, and masonry, and when needed, create features like beveled openings and flat-bottom holes. In addition to bits, we also offer many useful drill accessories including drill stops, bit extensions, and right-angle drives. We have drill bits that can be used in hand-operated drills, drill press fixtures, and milling machines. But while drill bits are commonly used in milling machines, they can only cut axially and make holes. With our milling bits you can take advantage of the machining versatility that milling machines are known for. We offer milling bits for both manual and CNC milling machines. With a suitable bit a milling machine can move in virtually any direction to remove material from the top and sides of a workpiece, create keyways, slots, and pockets, form profiles, and much more. Here you’ll also find many specialized cutting tools including hole saws, router bits, and bits for use in lathes and boring equipment.

Drill bits come in a wide range of sizes and in designs and materials to suit many applications. High-Speed Steel (HSS) is the most common material used to make drill bits, and these bits are good for drilling in metal, wood, and plastic. Some HSS bits are coated with black oxide for increased durability or titanium, which increases bit life even further and also reduces friction, so less effort is required. Cobalt drills retain their hardness even at high temperatures and are ideal for drilling into hard metals like stainless steel. The familiar “twist” drill is the general-purpose bit that is most commonly available. We offer metric, fractional-inch, and wire gauge size twist drill bits in sets with various quantities of bits, and with several bit variations. Left-handed drill bits are used with a reversible drill to remove broken fasteners, but some standard right-hand bit sets also come with screw extractors, which can be used for the same purpose. Most twist drill bits have a round shank, but we also offer bits with a hex shank that can be used on an impact driver. We also have reduced shank drill bits that allow you to drill larger holes with a smaller drill chuck.

While standard twist drill bits are adequate for most drilling jobs, there are many applications for which more specialized bits are necessary, and we have them all. Masonry bits have tough carbide tips and are designed for use in hammer drills to penetrate concrete, brick, and stone. Our glass and ceramic bits are also carbide-tipped but not meant for hammer drilling, and the tip is also formed in a way to reduce chips and cracks in the material. The pointed tip on brad point drill bits positions the bit for accurate drilling through wood. Spade bits are similar to brad point bits but used when a larger hole is desired. Forstner bits can also drill large holes in wood, and they’re designed for use when a blind hole with a flat bottom is needed. Auger bits are another bit designed exclusively for wood and these require less pressure because the design of the bit helps draw it through the wood.

Spotting and center drill bits are used to ensure the hole in the workpiece is centered before a larger bit is used. Countersinks create a chamfer at the opening of a drilled hole, typically so a flat-head screw can be installed flush with the surface. We offer countersink bits and combination countersink/twist drills that enable the hole to be drilled to a pre-determined depth and countersunk in one operation. As the name implies, step drills have tiered cutting diameters in one bit that make the bit appear conical. This allows different hole sizes to be drilled with the same bit. Although step drills aren’t substitutes for drill sets, they’re ideal for drilling into thin material like sheet metal and enlarging existing holes. In our drill accessories section you’ll find equipment that will help you get the most use from your drill bits including drill stops that allow you to easily set the depth to which you want to drill, drilling extensions to provide greater reach with the bit, right angle attachments for drilling in hard to access areas, and drill chucks, drilling fixtures, and much more.

In our milling bit selection, you’ll find center cutting end mills for plunge milling, non-center cutting end mills for side milling, and roughing end mills for when large amounts of material must be removed. We also have ball end mills for contour milling and for when a radius is required in pockets and slots, and face mills with replaceable cutters for cutting large flat areas. On our digital shelves you’ll also find tool bits that must be periodically sharpened as well as tool bit holders and replaceable bits for machines like lathes and boring fixtures. With our large collection of router bits, you’ll be able to form many types of decorative edges as well as create grooves and other features in wood. We have many styles of carbide burrs, including ball, pointed cone, cylinder, and oval shapes, which can be mounted in high-speed air die grinders for grinding, contouring, deburring, and finishing metal and wood. And we have an assortment of various size reamers for finishing or enlarging existing holes.

We can also supply you with tools for several other cutting needs, such as standard hole saws for creating large holes in wood, plaster, plastic or metal, and diamond hole saws for making large holes in concrete, brick, and stone; and diamond core drills for boring into and drawing sample cores from wood, rock, or concrete. If you need to replace body panels as a part of an auto body repair, our spot weld cutters will make short work of the spot welds that attach the sheet metal panels on most modern cars and trucks, simplifying panel removal. With our threading tools you can repair and form threads in materials and fasteners for secure attachment. When there is only slight damage, one of our thread chasers can be used to reform the threads, but when new threads must be created you need taps and dies. In our selection you’ll find many styles of metric and standard taps, including bottoming taps and pipe-thread taps, metric and standard thread dies, and comprehensive drill bit & tap sets and tap & die sets. And, we can supply you with driving bits for every type of fastener, including Philips, hex, slotted, Torx, and more.

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    Nothing But Heavy-Duty
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I am very happy with this because the old one that I had was a little short and the new one works very good and looks strong.
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