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Nothing can put a damper on a repair job faster than having to stop and hunt all over for a lost tool that’s crucial to its completion. Instead of experiencing this scenario, where you may have to resort to buying another tool just to get the job done, why not get better organized so you can avoid such situations and save both time and money. We have the tool storage solutions that will allow you to put your hands on any tool when you need it, including top chests, roller cabinets, and racks, holders, and trays, along with wall and floor cabinets, shelving units, and lockers for organizing and storing tools, parts, supplies, and even hazardous material. Plus, we have workbenches, work stands, tool carts, step stools, ladders and anti-fatigue mats to help you work efficiently and safely. And when you want to take a break or kick back with your favorite beverage, check out our selection of shop chairs and stools. When you’re equipped with our organizing and storage products, working in your shop or garage will be more enjoyable and productive.

Lockable chests and roller cabinets are the traditional tool holders. Top chests can be stationed on top of a bench or on top of the roller cabinet. We have chests and cabinets in a variety of sizes that can be purchased separately as well as chest and cabinet combos and large roller cabinets, sometimes called roller benches, with a top surface that can be used as a work station. Both chests and cabinets have multiple drawers and compartments for storing sockets, wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, and other tools. A lockable canopy is another option for the top of a roller cabinet, and these feature pegboard for hanging tools and cutouts for electrical cords to supply power to laptops, cell phones, and power strips. If more space is needed, we have side lockers, cabinets or shelves that can be attached to the side of the roller cabinet. We also offer non-slip drawer liners to protect your tools and the tool box.

The drawers and compartments in chests and roller cabinets help to segregate the wrenches from the sockets, the files from the chisels, and so on. But instead of rummaging through the drawer trying to find that 10mm wrench among a jumble of wrenches, use tool organizers to keep your tools in order. We offer organizers for sockets, wrenches, screwdrivers, hex bits, and more, in various styles including racks, trays, clips, pegs, and magnetic holders. We can also supply you with magnetic trays to keep parts and tools from becoming lost, and add-on utility trays and accessory trays for rolling carts. And if you prefer to hang some tools instead of keeping them in drawers, we have many racks and holders suitable for wall or pegboard mounting.

Once loaded with tools, chests and roller cabinets can be quite heavy. Even though they have wheels, roller cabinets are usually left in one place, especially if there is a chest perched on top. So, what do you do if the job is a distance from the chest/roller cabinet? If you’re in a shop or garage, the smart choice is a rolling service cart, also called a tool cart, utility cart or tool trolley. Just put all the tools, parts and supplies needed for the job and roll the cart to the car or whatever else you’re working on. Our cart selection includes everything from basic 2 shelf carts to deluxe carts with drawers, side shelves, tool holders, work tops and more. Now if the job is quite a distance away, then load your gear into a portable tool box. We offer both rigid plastic or metal boxes and fabric bags in sizes that will carry enough tools for road side emergencies right up to large capacity models designed for tradesmen that routinely carry tools to job sites. In addition, we have tool backpacks, traditional tool belts, tool roll-ups and pouches.

Tool chests and cabinets are great for storing and organizing hand tools, but the average shop or garage is also filled with large power tools, battery chargers, parts, consumables like oil, lubricants, coolant, cleaning products, and adhesives, shop supplies like fasteners, vacuum hose, fuel line, drill bits and cutting blades, electrical wiring, wire ties, connectors and terminals, and necessities like extension cords and air compressor hose. In a well-ordered workplace all the above should have an assigned space that provides the necessary convenience and security and we’ve got the storage units for the job. Our heavy-duty shelving units and storage cabinets are ideal for equipment, consumables, shop supplies and parts. We have floor cabinets and wall mount units, including lockable models and cabinets with adjustable shelves. Plus, we have lockers for secure storage of clothing and personal effects.

Security, protection, and storage unit durability are of utmost importance when you store tools and equipment at a job site. Our jobsite chests and cabinets feature heavy-gauge steel construction, tamper-proof locks, and pry-resistant hinges for maximum security, and tough, weather-resistant finishes, and they’re available in a wide range of sizes and configurations including models with shelves and drawers. If you store flammable liquids, guns, or valuables on your premises and you’re looking for the ultimate in safety and security, we can supply you with the equipment that meets your needs. For flammable liquids we offer thick, double-wall steel safety cabinets with insulating air space for fire resistance, including models with fusible links that melt at a pre-determined temperature and automatically close the doors. We also have flammable liquid safety cans, oil waste safety cans, hazardous waste containers, and wall cases for respirators, spill kits, first aid, and other types of safety equipment. Our safe selection includes floor and wall safes, drawer safes, key cabinets, diversion safes and gun cabinets and safes.

Getting stuff off the floor and hanging it on the wall is a twofer – you’re more organized and you create useable floor space. We’ve got paint gun holders, can holders, trays, and racks, electrical cord and air hose hangers, cordless drill holders, broom holders, shop towel holders, wheel hangers and wheel racks, fire extinguisher holders, utility shelves, and many more wall mount storage solutions. Having a ready supply of fuel on hand can be the difference between keeping your equipment operating and making money, and downtime running it to the filling station. We can handle all your fuel storage needs with tanks, hand-operated manual transfer pumps and 12V DC and 115V AC electric transfer pumps in several different gallons per minute pumping rates, and flow meters so you can easily keep track of the amount of fuel being pumped. We can also supply you with manual oil drum lube pumps and air-operated high-pressure grease drum pumps.

Many times, components can’t be serviced while on the car. If you’re rebuilding a carburetor or replacing brushes in a starter you need a workbench. We offer traditional workbenches, some that come with features like drawers and shelves, rolling workbenches that have integral storage cabinets, stationary and folding work tables, folding work trays, stands and platforms, and tool stands for mounting equipment like grinders and miter saws. Here you’ll also find saw horses and saw horse brackets to construct 2 x 4 saw horses, telescoping and extension ladders, and folding ladders, step stools, and rolling stands. Standing for long periods at a workbench on a hard floor surface can be tough on your back, legs, and feet, and our anti-fatigue mats can reduce the strain and discomfort. Along with these mats we also offer kneeling mats, indoor/outdoor utility mats for under-vehicle service, absorbent and containment mats for spills, and protective mats to protect your garage floor from damage caused by tires and leaks.

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    Safe. Strong. Legendary
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With plywood on top I use them indoor and out as an adjustable hight work table.
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