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Whether you’re fixing things around the house or working on your car, having the right tool for the job is critical for the success of the repair. Professional tradesmen and technicians, who make their living with hand tools, know this, which is why they always insist on the best. The hand tools we’ve gathered on our digital shelves will appeal to pros and DIYers alike because we only offer the highest quality tools from the most reputable brands and we have an unbeatable selection. Here you’ll find every tool needed for manipulating and driving fasteners including wrenches, sockets, screwdrivers, and hammers; cutting tools like saws, shears, and utility knives; cutters, wire strippers, crimpers and electrical tools; tubing benders and flaring tools; masonry, painting, and plumbing tools; many specialty tools; tool storage solutions; and much, much, more.

As their name implies, hand tools are in effect, an extension of your hands, and provide the force, leverage, cutting, or gripping power to get the job done. Wrenches, sockets and ratchets are for manipulating hex-head bolts and nuts. We can supply you with metric and standard, also known as SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers), box end, open end, combination, flare nut, and ratcheting wrenches in all popular sizes, as well as complete wrench sets. Hex wrenches, also called hex keys, are for tightening and loosening fasteners with hexagonal socket heads. We have the traditional L-shaped wrenches as well as T-handle wrenches in metric and standard sets. Quarter inch, 3/8”, ½”, ¾”, and 1” drive metric and standard, shallow and deep well, 12-point and 6-point sockets and socket sets can all be found here along with fine-tooth and coarse-tooth straight and swivel-head ratchets in various lengths, breaker bars, and specialty wrenches and sockets including dial and click-style torque wrenches, pipe wrenches, crowfoot wrenches, strap wrenches, chain wrenches, and hex bit, Torx bit, clutch-head bit, and tamperproof bit sockets, and impact sockets made for use on air impact wrenches.

Screws are one of the oldest fastener types and over the years many screw head designs have been developed, from the basic slotted and cross-head types to the many Phillips varieties, square drive, hex, Torx, clutch-head, tamper resistant variations, and more. We have screwdrivers for all these screw head designs in a range of shaft lengths and handle designs, available individually and in screwdriver sets, as well as metric and standard hex-head nut drivers. We can also supply you with every type of driving bit and bit sets for use with multi-bit screwdrivers and corded and cordless power screwdrivers. There are many components like snap rings and clamps that require special gripping tools for manipulation, and we have pliers for these as well as many other tasks, including traditional slip-joint pliers, groove joint pliers, also known as pump pliers, straight, curved, and angled needle nose pliers, hog ring pliers, diagonal cutters, locking pliers, and plier sets that include different type pliers or different sizes of the same type.

Cutting materials like wood, metal and building materials is a common task, and the wrong tool or a dull cutting edge can do more mangling than cutting. We have the right cutting tool for every job including hand saws for cutting wood, hacksaws for cutting metal, keyhole saws, also known as jab saws, for cutting drywall, coping saws for cutting intricate and curved shapes, and bow saws and pruning saws for cutting branches and trimming trees and shrubbery. Here you’ll also find retractable and fixed blade utility knives; scissors, shears, and tin snips; cutters that are specially designed for slicing through bolts, cable, strapping, and glass, and making gaskets; and axes, hatchets, and splitting mauls for chopping wood. Measuring and indicating where cuts are to be made is the most important part of the cutting process and we’ve got the marking tools for the job including chalk line reels, lumber crayons, carpenter’s pencils, metal markers and more. And for holding the work piece for cutting, joining, and many other operations, we have a full line of vises and clamps.

If you need to drive nails, punches or chisels, or if you have parts that need “persuading”, our selection of hammers can’t be beat. We have ball peen hammers for metal work, claw hammers for driving and extracting nails, mallets and soft-faced hammers for applying force without inflicting damage, dead blow hammers for when more force without damage is needed, sledgehammers, and many body hammer styles including sets that come complete with body dollies. Our chisels are ideal for cutting and carving wood or metal, and our punches can be used to drive nails, pins or make indentations. Plus, we have transfer punches, letter and number stamps, and chisel holders. Scraping off old paint or gasket material is easy with one of our scrapers, many of which are available with replaceable blades, and when you need to make fine cuts and finish wood or metal, we have the flat, round and half-round files for the job. And if you end up stripping threads on a fastener, or breaking a bolt or a stud, don’t despair because we have the tap and die sets, thread chasers, and screw, nut & bolt and stud extractors to make things right again.

Of course, there are many other types of fasteners besides nuts & bolts, screws and nails and we have the tools to install them right here including staple guns and hammer tackers for installing roofing, carpeting and insulation, and pop rivet guns for joining metal. For electrical wiring jobs we have wire cutters, wire strippers, crimpers for attaching terminals and connectors, and wire running tools like fish tape, draw wire and rods for routing wire and cable. Working with hydraulic tubing like brake line? Our tubing benders, flaring tools, and tube & pipe cutters will ensure the job gets done right. And for repair and remodeling jobs around the house we have masonry trowels, floats, edgers and groovers; putty knives and taping knives for smoothing drywall joint compound; caulk guns, paint brushes, rollers, roller sleeves, and paint trays; and augers and other types of drain cleaning equipment. However, before you can build the new, sometimes you have to tear down the old, and for that we have a great selection of wrecking and pry bars.

Although most hand tools are for general purposes, sometimes you need a tool that’s made especially for the job. For automotive use we can supply you with battery terminal spreaders and cleaners, grease guns, tire chain mounting tools, trim removal tools, and inspection and retrieval tools like telescoping mirrors, magnifiers, and magnetic and claw-type pickup tools. For building and construction, we have post hole diggers, tampers, block planes, and tile cutters. Our digital shelves are filled with the specialty tools you need for these and many more tasks. At the other end of the tool spectrum is the versatile multi tool – one tool that can do many jobs. The Swiss Army knife is the most famous multi tool and has been produced with many tool combinations, including designs with multiple sharp and serrated blades, screwdrivers, can opener, corkscrew, bottle opener, tweezers, scissors, pliers, and nail file. While we offer versions of this tool, our selection contains much more and we’re sure to have the multi tool with the combination of implements that meets your needs.

If you’re an experienced pro or DIYer you may just need certain tools to complete your collection and we’re happy to meet your needs whatever they may be, but if you’re just starting out one of our complete tool sets is the practical and economical way to go. These range from comprehensive sets that include hundreds of tools, to small sets that come with a carrying case so they’re also a great choice if you want to have a set of tools for another location or for your vehicle. Our selection includes general tool sets that include metric and standard sockets and wrenches, to specialized sets designed for beginning lube techs, auto technicians, electricians and field service engineers, and homeowners, and even sets with tools assembled specifically for computer repair.

But no matter which tools you buy, they’re just about worthless if you can’t lay your hands on them when you need them. We have the tool storage solutions that will keep your tools secure and organized including lockable chests and cabinets in a variety of sizes that can be purchased separately as well as chest and cabinet combos and large roller cabinets, sometimes called roller benches, with a top surface that can be used as a work station. Both chests and cabinets have multiple drawers and compartments for storing tools, and if more space is needed, we have side lockers, cabinets or shelves that can be attached to the side of the roller cabinet. We also offer organizers for sockets, wrenches, screwdrivers, hex bits, and more, in various styles including racks, trays, clips, pegs, and magnetic holders, non-slip drawer liners to protect your tools and the tool box, and magnetic trays to keep parts and tools from becoming lost.

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