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Almost everyone has heard the saying “measure twice, cut once”. While the figurative interpretation is that one should carefully plan before acting, to anyone who works with their hands it literally means: don’t get the measurement wrong because you can’t put material back once it’s been removed. An incorrect measurement could result in a momentary setback like having to spend a few dollars to replace a 2x4 that was cut short or it could involve much more time and greater expense such as having to sleeve an engine block that was bored too large. Whether you’re constructing a house, rebuilding or tuning an engine, diagnosing an electrical problem, inspecting a home, or shipping a package, making accurate measurements is crucial to the quality of the job, and it saves time and money too. Determining values like size, distance, area, weight, voltage, resistance, clearance, runout, temperature, pressure, concentration, and moisture content are a regular part of the process of completing many tasks and we’ve got the measuring tools you need for accuracy and success.

From making a shelf to erecting a structure, when you’re building something measurements are required for everything from estimating the amount of materials needed to deciding where to cut a board. Here you’ll find an extensive collection of construction related measuring tools including measuring tape with English, metric and dual scale graduations, from 3' key ring tapes for quick measurements to 200' reels for surveying use, and many different lengths of self-retracting and locking metal tape measures. Our laser distance meters allow great distances to be measured accurately by just pointing and clicking. No need for another person and they’re invaluable for measuring the distance to areas like ceilings that are hard to access. Our ruler selection includes 6" metal pocket rules, "yardsticks", and folding wooden rulers, plus we have measuring wheels and trams, and telescoping and adjustable measuring poles.

Distance measurements like length and width are essential, but unless the material cut is made at the correct angle, in most cases 90 degrees to the edge, you’ll end up with a piece of material that will be unusable. Buildings must be built square to ensure that subsequent materials install properly: if framing isn’t square, it will be difficult to install materials like flooring and roofing. This is where squares come in. Squares can be used to ensure 90-degree “square” cuts and construction, but they can also be used to measure and make consistent cuts and material attachment at any angle you choose, such as when cutting and fitting boards that are to be used as rafters. Along with basic speed squares and framing squares, we offer T-squares and combination squares, as well as protractors and angle finders for measuring angles. Angle finders can be used in custom and race car building in the construction of roll bars and setting driveline angles. Many modern engines are assembled with torque-to-yield fasteners, which require the bolt to be torqued and then further tightened to a specified angle in degrees. You’ll be able to ensure proper assembly when you use our torque angle gauges.

From foundations to outdoor decks to kitchen countertops to book shelves, making sure whatever you’re building or installing is level is another important measurement. Many types of equipment and machinery won’t function properly unless they’re level. Levels are also used to establish slope, which is necessary when constructing driveways and walkways to ensure proper water runoff. We can supply you with everything from basic spirit levels to optic and laser transit levels and tripods. Spirit levels, sometimes referred to as bubble levels, are used to check both level (horizontal) and plumb (vertical). In addition to a large selection of beam spirit levels in pocket size up to 72” lengths, we have post levels for accurate setting of posts and columns, and bullseye levels for leveling appliances and equipment where the legs are adjustable. Our laser levels are real time savers because they project a reference line that you can work from. And for establishing height in large areas, such as for building layout or surveying, check out our collection of optical, and horizontal and horizontal/vertical rotary laser levels, and tripods and leveling rods.

Once you’ve measured, you have to indicate where cuts must be made or fasteners installed, and for these and many other marking tasks you’ll find we have the right tools for the job. We have carpenter’s and mechanic’s pencils, lumber crayons, paint markers, metal markers, soapstone welding markers and chalk. Plus, we have chalk line reels that allow you to establish reference lines up to 150’ in length. Whether you need to weigh packages for shipping, CO2 tanks for filling, engine parts for balancing, or an entire vehicle, we have the scales for the job. Our shipping scales have easy to read digital displays, while our balancing shop kits include the scale, connecting rod weighing fixture, and storage case. When you’re setting up a race car for the track you need our wireless corner weight scales. These wirelessly transmit weight data from all four wheels to a tablet display that allows you to customize the way the data is presented.

While construction tolerances are generally in fractions of an inch, engine building and metal machining tolerances are in thousandths of an inch and require more precise tools for measurement. We can supply you with dial and digital calipers in 0-6” and 0-12” models, outside micrometers and micrometer sets in various sizes, many with digital displays, and telescoping gauges and small hole gauges that allow you to measure inside diameters with an outside micrometer. Here you’ll also find depth micrometers, dial indicators with clamp-on or magnetic bases that are ideal for checking play and runout, bore gauges for measuring bore size, out-of-round and taper, and straightedges and feeler gauge sets for checking cylinder head and block distortion. In our precision measuring tool collection, you’ll also find durometers, thread gauges, drill & wire gauges, and more.

When you’re troubleshooting and repairing electrical circuits you need to be able to measure voltage, current, resistance and continuity and our electrical testers are perfect for the job. Electrical testers range from simple test lights to multi-function digital multimeters. Test lights, also called circuit testers, are essential tools for determining whether voltage is present at particular points in circuits. There are circuit powered and self-powered test lights, also known as continuity testers. Test lights can tell you whether voltage is present, but they can’t tell you how much. For specific values you need a voltmeter, which is routinely packaged with an ohmmeter and ammeter in a multimeter. There are analog meters that have a needle and a scale, but digital multimeters are necessary for automotive computer-controlled circuits. Digital multimeters can measure voltage, such as when testing a battery or charging system, and test voltage drop, measure resistance, check for continuity, and measure current flow. In this section you’ll also find clamp meters, current probes, and test lead and probe kits.

A scan tool provides access to your vehicle’s computer control system via a cable connected to the Data Link Connector (DLC). With a scan tool you can read the Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) that cause CHECK ENGINE and other computer controlled electronic system malfunction lights to illuminate. Tool capability varies, and some can also read, record, and playback sensor data, display I/M monitor status, read and display freeze frame data, download to a PC, and be updated via USB port. In addition to erasing DTCs, some scan tools can also be used to reset oil lights and other warning lights. We also offer simple code readers, including models that will wirelessly transmit DTC information to your smartphone.

Along with the above mentioned electrical and electronic system diagnostic essentials, we also have much more equipment that will enable you to measure the health and status of vehicular systems, including noid lights to check fuel injectors, current probes to measure current without disturbing the circuit, battery testers, infrared thermometers for instantaneous temperature indication, and inspection cameras for peaks into the smallest places. We can supply you with tools to check engine compression, cylinder leak-down, and engine oil pressure; hydrometers to check antifreeze effectiveness and refractometers to measure coolant concentration; exhaust system testers to measure exhaust gas make-up and system backpressure; and refrigerant and combustion leak detectors and refrigerant identifiers. And if you have an older, pre-computer-controlled vehicle we have the tools you need to make adjustments and keep your vehicle running right, like timing lights to check initial timing and timing advance, and dwell/tachs to set breaker points and idle speed.

Have an out-of-the-ordinary measuring need? We may be able to help. We have ultrasonic leak detectors that can detect leaks inaudible to the human ear in air lines, steam lines, and refrigeration systems. Our moisture test meters can measure the percentage of moisture in wood and other building materials. They’re invaluable for home inspections because they can detect water leaks that can cause mold. And we can offer you sound level meters that can capture and quantify noise levels in decibels.

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