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Power tools provide the force and speed to do jobs that would not be possible, or would take too long to do, by hand. Whether you need to drill holes, drive nails or screws, loosen and tighten bolts, cut wood, grind or polish metal, mix concrete or do some cleaning, we have the power tools that will get these and a lot more jobs done, and many tools come with the freedom of cordless battery power. We also have all the accessories to make your power tools effective, including batteries, chargers, extension cords, impact sockets, and consumables like drill bits and saw blades. Our selection of power tools and brands can’t be matched by any home center. Browse our digital shelves and order from the comfort of your home or office.

We offer corded and cordless electric power tools and some gas-powered tools like pressure washers and generators. Corded electric tools never run out of power, they’re lighter because they don’t have a battery, and in most cases they’re more powerful than their cordless counterparts. But it’s hard to beat the convenience of cordless and the absence of a cord that could be inadvertently severed. And, cordless tools are available in combo packs that include several tools, battery and battery charger, so you can get the tools you want, and everything needed to be operational for one economical price. Gone are the days when cordless electric tools were only for light duty work. Today’s cordless tools are available with 18V, 20V, 24V and 40V lithium ion batteries with amp hour ratings that deliver power that’s long lasting, and there are 20V/60V “FlexVolt” batteries that can be used in 60V and 120V tools. Most cordless tools come with a fast-acting charger and at least one battery, and some include 2 batteries, so you can keep right on working while the other battery is charging. Select tools offer flexible power options so you can use corded power for unlimited runtimes or cordless power for portability. Today’s advanced battery technology allows us to offer you everything from cordless drills to cordless compound miter saws.

A drill is the first power tool most people own, but if the ancient model taking up space in the bottom drawer isn’t getting the job done anymore, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our selection of corded and cordless drills and you’ll find features like keyless chucks, LED lights and levels, forward/reverse switches, variable speeds to tailor the bit speed to the material, and most importantly, the power that will let you bore through any kind of material including concrete and metal. Our collection includes hammer drills that provide a punch along with rotational force to pound through tough materials like masonry, drills that come with side handles for added stability, angle drills for drilling in tight spaces, and core drills for boring large holes in metal or concrete. While we offer some drills with conventional keyed chucks, if you’ve ever wasted time hunting down a lost chuck key, you’ll appreciate a keyless chuck. Bit changing is also quicker and easier with a keyless chuck, making it an invaluable feature when you’re drilling holes and driving screws with the same tool.

Power drills can do double-duty, drilling holes and driving screws, but if you’re doing a job like installing a deck and have many screws to install, one of our impact drivers may be the sensible alternative. These compact, high torque tools have a hex chuck for quick bit removal and installation and deliver pounding blows as well as rotational force to drive screws through material that would stall the average drill. For lighter duty use, consider one of our cordless screwdrivers. The power of corded electric impact wrenches rivals that of their familiar pneumatic counterparts, and cordless impact wrenches aren’t far behind. You don’t need a compressor and air hose with either electric impact, and since cordless impacts operate untethered from cords and air hoses, their portability allows them to be used for road service, at the track, at job sites, and other remote locations. We offer ¼”, 3/8”, ½”, and ¾” drive electric powered impact wrenches and shallow and deep well impact sockets and socket sets, as well as cordless 3/8” drive ratchets that can remove and install fasteners much faster than would be possible cranking a hand ratchet.

You’ll find cordless and corded electric power grinders, sanders, and polishers here on our digital shelves. Die grinders are great for deburring engine blocks and porting and polishing cylinder heads, and other kinds of wood and metal finishing projects. Rotary tools are a type of die-grinding tool that is ideal for wood, metal, and crafting use, and some tools come in kits that include arbors and a large selection of bits for carving, engraving, sanding, cutting, grinding, sharpening, cleaning and polishing. We offer angle grinders for auto body repair, metal working and construction, and bench grinders and stationary tool post grinders and buffers. When you want to remove fine amounts of material and impart finishes, our sanders are the right tools for the job. We have hand-operated rotational and orbital sanders, belt sanders, detail sanders and burnishers, floor and bench mount belt and disc sanders, and easy to operate floor sanders. Using a polisher or buffer can be the final step in a paint job or an important tool for reclaiming tired and dull finishes, and we offer hand-operated and floor polishers. Plus, we can supply you with sanding discs and belts and polishing pads.

Whether you’re a DIYer or work in the building trades, landscaping, or auto mechanical or body repair, we’ve got the cordless and corded electric power saws and cutting tools to get the job done. Featured in our extensive selection are circular saws in popular 7 ¼” and other sizes, reciprocating saws, jig saws and band saws; bench-mount chop saws, compound and sliding compound miter saws, scroll saws, and table saws, some that come with convenient folding stands; and saws designed especially for cutting concrete, masonry, and tile; and chain saws and telescoping pole saws that allow you to cut hard-to-reach branches. Our routers can shape, cut grooves, and impart decorative finishes to wood, and our shears, nibblers, and riveters are ideal for metal fabrication and auto body repair. If you try to cut fabric or rope with conventional cutters, the ends of the material will unravel, but if you use one of our hot knives, it will seal the ends while making the cut. Our versatile oscillating multi-tools are cutting tools and so much more because along with being able to make cuts in wood, metal, and tile that would be impossible with other tools, they can sand, and be used to remove grout and caulk.

When you’re framing or finishing wood or installing roofing, carpet or insulation, our cordless and corded power nailers and staplers can dramatically increase your productivity because they only require one hand to use and can drive many more fasteners, consistently and accurately, than a worker armed with a hammer or manual staple gun. An electric paint sprayer is another time saver and productivity booster. You can paint an area much faster than you could with brushes and rollers, and get complete coverage in areas that are difficult to access with conventional tools. A power caulk gun will allow you to concentrate on doing a thorough application with professional appearance because dispensing the caulk is effortless, and you can adjust the rate of flow. And before you apply fresh paint or caulk, the old stuff has to go and removing it will be much easier after it’s been softened with one of our heat guns.

Of course, the aforementioned tools aren’t the only stars in the electric power tool universe, and our selection reflects the tremendous variety of other power tools that are available. Cleaning around the house, in the shop or garage, or in the yard is an on-going necessity and we have the vacuums to make the task easier, including cordless vacuums, wet/dry vacs, and vacuum/blowers that can also be used to dry cars and motorcycles after washing. You can remove dirt, grease and mildew from decks, patios, siding, fencing, driveways, and garage floors, and make a quick job of washing your car or truck with one of our electric or gas-powered pressure washers. If you have clogged drains or other plumbing problems, we have a large selection of gas or electric powered water jets, cable and cutter type cleaners, and pipe thawing equipment. When a drilled hole must be precisely placed and angled, nothing beats the precision that can be obtained with a drill press. We have both floor and bench top models with powerful motors, multiple speeds, and adjustable tables. And whether you’re pouring concrete or laying block, you can be assured your building material will be properly mixed when you use our hand-held electric mixers.

And if you need to use a corded power tool but you’re too far away from the nearest electrical outlet, one of our generators is the solution. Most have multiple 120V AC outlets as well as a 12V DC outlet for recharging car or RV batteries. We offer lightweight, recoil start 1300W generators suitable for campsites and tailgating, that can be hand carried, wheeled 5000W electric start models suitable for job site use, and larger units that can be used as a home backup power supply. The majority are gasoline powered. Solar is the most cost-efficient source of portable power, because there’s never a need to buy fuel. Browse our selection of solar panels and you’ll find everything from compact low wattage kits suitable for charging cell phones and other portable electronics while camping, or recharging 12V car batteries, to complete RV systems capable of producing enough power to run up to 3000 watts of appliances or electronics and recharge battery banks.

Safety should always be the most important consideration when working with power tools. Safety glasses are absolutely essential. Dust or debris from a grinder, or particles that become airborne during pressure washing, can cause everything from mild eye discomfort to complete loss of vision. We offer safety glasses and goggles with clear and tinted lenses, face shields, and eye wash safety stations. Sanding paint, grinding metal, cutting wood, and other power tool operations can fill the air with dust and debris that can be harmful if inhaled. The particulate respirators we offer are adjustable for a tight fit and optimal lung protection. Paint spraying operations and exposure to other harmful airborne toxins and chemicals requires more sophisticated protection. We can supply you with half face and full-face air purifying respirators that fit comfortably and have replaceable filters or cartridges. And for protection under the most extreme conditions we have supplied air masks, visors and hoods. And for hand protection we have mechanics gloves and impact resistant and anti-vibration gloves.

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I had never ordered from this site before, but I wanted a case for the Milwaukee M18 Sawzall that I just received as a gift. This was the only place I found the exact part number that should fit the 2720-20 model. The unit arrived in a timely fashion and was a perfect fit! New condition as advertised. I'm very happy with my purchase, and will definitely not hesitate to order from TOOLSiD in the future. Thank you!
Posted by Brad (Neenah, WI) / August 26, 2021
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