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Regardless of what you’re working on or where you’re working, safety is the most important factor, because nothing is as vital as your health and well-being. Anticipating situations and being prepared with the right safety gear can be the difference between a job well done and an unexpected trip to the emergency ward. We offer the safety equipment you need for protection, whether you’re in your workshop, out in the yard, or on the job site. Work clothes should be considered a form of safety gear and as such must be a cut above ordinary casual or dress wear. They have to provide the protection you need to stay safe while on the job, they ought to be comfortable because you’re most likely going to be in them for more than 8 hours at a stretch, and they have to be tough enough to work hard every day just like you do, because you don’t have money to waste replacing them. The work clothing we offer delivers on all counts. Whatever the job, we have the gear.

Safety glasses are essential safety equipment and should be considered a necessity any time you’re working with tools. A piece of debris thrown up by a string trimmer, dust or debris from a grinding wheel, or dirt or rust particles from underneath a car, can all cause everything from mild eye discomfort to complete loss of vision. We offer safety glasses and goggles with clear and tinted lenses, face shields, and welding helmets, as well as eye wash safety stations. Sanding paint, fiberglass, and drywall, mowing the lawn, or working with insulation, can all fill the air with dust and debris that can be harmful if inhaled. The particulate respirators we offer are adjustable for a tight fit and optimal lung protection. Paint spraying operations and exposure to other harmful airborne toxins and chemicals requires more sophisticated protection. We can supply you with half face and full face air purifying respirators that fit comfortably and have replaceable filters or cartridges. And for protection under the most extreme conditions we have supplied air masks, visors and hoods.

In many work areas there is a danger of falling objects or debris and hardhats are required. In our selection of head protection gear you’ll find hardhats and bump caps designed to meet various safety requirement standards, some with features like venting and adjustable suspension, and provisions for mounting accessories like ear muffs and face protection. We also offer head protection replacement parts and accessories including replacement suspensions, face shields, sun shields, chin protectors, sweatbands, liners, neck shades and more. Continual exposure to loud noise can cause hearing loss. You can protect your ears with ear plugs or ear muffs from our selection of hearing protection products. In addition to disposable and reusable earplugs, we have passive earmuffs, electronic earmuffs that amplify low volume sounds like voices and important alarms and warning signals while reducing dangerous loud sounds, and earmuffs with integral digital AM/FM radios or Bluetooth connectivity.

Falls from height can result in serious injury or death. To prevent injury in case of a fall, we offer harnesses that distribute the force of the fall over the chest, shoulders, pelvis and upper thighs, self-retracting lifelines and shock-absorbing lanyards that connect the harness to the anchor point, anchors designed for attachment to roofs, beams, and other locations, and complete fall protection kits that, in addition to all the above-mentioned components, include a carrying bag. We can also supply you with rescue equipment including hoist systems, tripods and winches, rescue and descent devices, self-rescue devices and assisted rescue accessories, and basic gear like rope, carabiners, and pulleys.

Make your environment safer by detecting harmful gases before they can cause injury. We have single-gas and multi-gas detectors, gas and propane fume detectors, test and calibration stations, and gas detection equipment replacement parts and accessories like sampling probes, filters, sensors, and more. If you store flammable liquids on your premises and you’re looking for the ultimate in safety, we can supply you with the equipment that meets your needs. We offer thick, double-wall steel safety cabinets with insulating air space for fire resistance, including models with fusible links that melt at a pre-determined temperature and automatically close the doors. We also have flammable liquid safety cans, oil waste safety cans, hazardous waste containers, and wall cases for respirators, spill kits, first aid, and other types of safety equipment. However, no matter how many precautions you take, accidents can happen. In case of fire, make sure you have one of our fire extinguishers, fully charged and readily accessible.

Safety gear like knee pads not only afford protection, they make it much easier and more comfortable to do many jobs where kneeling is required. Back pain is one of the leading causes of work absence. Our support belts will provide you with the support you need when lifting objects and doing other tasks, so you can stay productive. The safety aprons we offer are available in materials and designs for specific applications. We have aprons that provide protection from dirt, grease, oil, chemical splash, including solvents, and high heat and exposure to sparks and flame. If you work out in the open or along roadways, isolating your workspace from vehicles and the public will increase your safety. You’ll draw attention to your presence with our traffic control cones, warning triangles, signs and banners, and warning flags and barrier tape, as well as our high-visibility apparel including reflective vests, jackets, shirts and pants, overalls and coveralls, and safety suits.

Gloves protect your hands from the weather, high temperatures, chemicals, and impacts. Our selection includes gloves that will meet each of these special needs and more. We have gloves for working with chemicals and hazardous waste including disposable nitrile gloves and extended gauntlet neoprene gloves. Technicians need gloves that will provide dexterity and grip while protecting fingers from impacts, abrasions and burns, and we have them. Our welding gloves will protect your hands from heat and sparks, and our extrication gloves are cut and puncture resistant to help prevent injury during vehicle extrication operations. Plus, we offer rubber insulated electric safety gloves, flame resistant gloves, waterproof gloves, rechargeable heated gloves, and more. If you’re on your feet all day, you need boots that will help you go the distance. We offer boots with protective and comfort features like steel toes, insulation, waterproof construction, flame resistance, and more. They’re available with a wide range of sole styles including high traction lugs, oil resistant and non-slip, in sizes, boot heights, and colors to suit every requirement and taste, including wide widths.

You can’t be effective on the job if you’re shivering or soaked to the skin. Anyone who works outside knows the importance of a good quality coat or jacket, and the ones we offer deliver protection from the elements and comfort. Our insulated outerwear will keep you warm and it’s available with hoods, spacious pockets, and with high visibility colors and reflective tape. Stay dry with the garments that offer the exact degree of protection you need, whether it’s water resistant/water repellent fabrics for light rain or a PVC rain suit for all out downpours. Besides boots, gloves, and outerwear, your shirts and pants also must be functional, wear tough, and be comfortable. We have pants that feature loops for carrying tools and extra pockets for work gear and flame-retardant pants, moisture wicking and flame-resistant shirts, and both shirts and pants are available in high visibility colors and reflective tape for your safety. Bib overalls are a great choice for protection and they’re available with CPC polyester material to protect against oil and chemicals. And for the most complete protection we offer all-purpose, flame-resistant, chemical-resistant, and high visibility coveralls.

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Does seem to be very well made and great quality. I had a pair for years and years and finally wore them out and I didn't even have the double piece, so these are a step up. Thanks for making a good pair of knee pads better, well made and durable.
Posted by Valarie / April 26, 2021
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